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“The 17 Dietary Causes of Colitis & Crohn’s & the Reasons Why Some Get IBD & Some Don’t”

The 17 Dietary Causes of Colitis & Crohn's & the Reasons Why Some Get IBD & Some Don't"

There is a reason why you or a loved one got sick with an IBD and others don’t. Once you discover why, you or your beloved will be empowered to do something about it, rather than have to resign to taking medication for the rest of your or their life, or potentially undergoing surgery. Surgery does not remove the cause of IBD.

By eliminating the foods that are revealed in this report, I healed my own case of severe ulcerative colitis 33 years ago. Since then I’ve gone on to guide over 5,000 clients who has all forms of IBD including ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s and diverticulitis.

Now, in this free guide, you can take the first step in taking control over your health and your life.

As well as finding out the 17 dietary causes of IBD and why you got sick and others didn’t, you’ll discover:

  • Why your body switches on the inflammation process
  • How inflammation and ulcers are your body’s way of preserving your health
  • Why the inflammation response is NOT an “autoimmune” phenomenon
  • The reason why IBD is common in Western societies
  • Why doctors are wrong about genetics playing a determining role in IBD
  • Why enemas and colonics are a risky gamble
  • Why drugs have no power to heal
  • How to achieve lasting health – not “remission” – but freedom from IBD

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Dr. David Klein